NEED TO STORE WATER or many other liquids?

 We offer the following types of liquid storage solutions:

·         Water bladders

·         Fuel bladders

·         Liquid fertilizer bladders

·         Firefighting bladder tanks

·         Transportable bladder tanks

·         Bio and Methane gas storage.

·         Heli flexi (Helicopter Bucket)

·         Container Flexi tanks

·         Aluzinc Round Steel Tanks

·         Sectional steel panel water tanks

·         Corrugated water reservoirs

·         Tank bank integrations


In these tough, economic times, we strive to help you with an AFFORDABLE, DURABLE and COST-EFFECTIVE products that will SAVE YOU MONEY, TIME & EFFORT.

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BIG Or SMALL, We Have Them All...And So Much More.

500 – 3 000 000L